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Map of France

Population: 59.2 Million
Area in sq mile: 212.900
Capital: Paris
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About France as travel destination for your holidays

France provides endless opportunities for travelling and holidays and you will find the nicest hotels, cottages, camping’s in each corner of the European continent.

With a surface area of 551,458 km², France is the largest country in Western Europe. Its landscape and climate are varied. In the north, the climate is mild and humid and the landscape is largely flat. Further southward the climate is warmer and the land more mountainous.

France has 60 million inhabitants and three-quarters of the population live in cities and villages. Most of the land is used for agriculture. The capital of France is Paris, a city of over 11 million inhabitants. The most densely populated region is the area around Paris, which is home to one-fifth of the population and most of the country’s industry. Paris is not only famous for the Eiffel Tower, built in 1889 on the occasion of the World Exhibition. Tourists also flock to its churches, such as the Notre-Dame and the Sacré-coeur, its parks, such as the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Bois de Boulogne, the picturesque Montmartre and, of course, the large museums, such as the Louvre and George Pompidou.

When planning your holiday trip to France, keep in mind that France is Europe ’s largest agricultural producer. Wheat and sugar beets are cultivated on the northern plains and vineyards dominate the land in central and southern France. After Italy, France is the world’s largest wine-producing country. Two of its most famous wine regions are Bordeaux and Champagne.

Large rivers, such as the Seine and the Loire, flow through the northern and western plains. In the past those rivers were the country’s most important transport routes. There are historical villages and stunning castles all along the riverbanks. The rugged mountains of the Massif Central lie in the centre of France and the Pyrenees to the south mark the border with Spain . The Alps – which boast Mont Blanc (4807 meters), the highest summit in Western Europe – traverse the border with Italy and Switzerland . There are many ski resorts to be found in the French Alps. The national parks in France still provide habitats for rare animal species. The Mediterranean coast is lined with bustling beach resorts, such as Saint-Tropez , Nice and Cannes . Corsica is the only island in the Mediterranean that belongs to France . Close to the Italian border is Monaco , the second smallest country in the world, famous for its casinos and the annual Grand-Prix motor race.

During your holidays you will enjoy the French cuisine and its famous chefs, such as Escoffier and Bocuse. Good restaurants can be found in even the smallest of cities. The French breakfast is plain (coffee and croissant), but lunch and dinner are elaborate. French baguette and cheeses are known all over the world.

When travelling to France Jeu de Boules is a traditional French game that you will see a lot. It is played outdoors in the village square. When you are travelling to France during summer, try to get a glimpse of the Tour de France. This is the most famous bicycle race in the world. Cyclists cover approximately 3,500 km, throughout France.

There are countless regional and local websites offering holidays. France has by far the most holiday houses to rent in all of Europe. The French word gîte means cottage. Most sites are in English, German and French. Online reservations are usually not binding until a down payment is made.

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